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GBE in Tanzania





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Hydroelectric energy for Lugarawa

GBE has been investing in the African market for several years with tangible results given the numerous projects we have completed for energy production, with the installation of photovoltaic, hydroelectric, wind and obviously simple distribution plants. Among these, the most noteworthy is the recent work carried out in the district of Ludewa, in the region of Njonbe, in Tanzania. The European Union has, for some years now, been planning the construction of a 1.7MHW hydroelectric plant on the river Madope, near the village of Lugarawa. The project has brought with it the guarantee of modern services to the district with a low environmental impact and sustainable costs, improving the social and economic conditions of the population of the twenty rural villages for a total of over 50,000 inhabitants. But what makes this contract even more gratifying is the fact that the energy will be made available to no less than forty-three primary and secondary schools, a hospital, about twenty sanitary services and offices for the local authorities.

The transformers supplied to the hydroelectric plant in Lugarawa are in oil and cast resin in class 40.5kV with induced voltage withstand of 190kV and copper windings. The installation site is at an altitude of over 1,600 m with an ambient temperature of up to 55°C. But it was the specific climate conditions and the specialized know-how of GBE for applications in extreme situations that ultimately made the difference in the negotiation stage, compared to any other competitor.

We are proud to make our own small contribution to such an important project and flattered that our brand is recognized and acclaimed for its quality and reliability in a country that is so far away. Indeed, if it is true that projects like this one are possible thanks to sound agreements between local communities, public institutions, non-governmental organizations and the European Union, it is just as true that experienced and knowledgeable companies are needed to make sure they get implemented.


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