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GBE Australia





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A structure dedicated to the Australian market, including an assembly and maintenance facility

GBE has always looked to expand into international markets, not just in Europe, but worldwide. In recent years, bolstered by the positive results achieved in Asia, Africa and Latin America, this commitment has translated into a commercial presence even further afield, in Australia, on the other side of the world.

As well known, this is by extension a vast market which in recent years has recorded a significant economic upswing and is totally self-sufficient in terms of energy demand, as well as being among the biggest global producers of certain minerals. The analysis of this potential resulted in the creation of GBE Australia, located in Wollongong near Sydney, the biggest city in Australia, not too far from Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra.

The large, spacious office is run by a highly qualified team, specialised not just in transformers and reactors, but also in providing customised technical solutions, based on the philosophy and know-how which have always been the stand-out features of GBE’s business model. Indeed, in addition to sales, GBE Australia, in partnership with its local distributor, Auspower, is also able to assist the customer up until the installation of the transformer and with all post-sales aspects. There is a facility located, next to the office, for the assembly of transformers in electrical substations and for any maintenance work on both cast resin and oil-filled transformers. The workshop is also equipped with machinery for producing windings, processing ovens and assembly areas and the testing of assembled products.


An all-new environmental range

  • 17 мая 2019

  The range of solutions for low environmental impact has been revamped The growing interest in sustainability is nothing new to GBE, that, for several years, has been offering its own “Environmental Range” dedicated to installations where a limited energy load is required in the event of fire and maximum respect for the environment. This […]


A new strategic partnership in Malaysia

  • 16 мая 2019

  GBE is present in this highly competitive market with a joint venture, backed by expertise in the Far East as well Malaysia is not a new market for GBE. Indeed, we have consolidated our presence in the country in recent years, despite its proximity to our fiercest competitors in the world market, such as […]


Resin: also with oval section

  • 16 мая 2019

  Shapes are changing and performances are improving A typical cast resin transformer is designed with a magnetic core and circular section. All transformers manufacturers know that the circular section can become both oval, by lengthening the central step, and rectangular if the core has a single step. Low voltage VPI transformers are almost exclusively […]

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