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Компания GBE это итальянская компания, специализирующаяся на производстве трансформаторов со смоляной изоляцией, а также сухих трансформаторов от нескольких kVA до 30 MVA, во всех классах напряжения до 52 kV (BIL 250 KV), масляных трансформаторов от 50 kVA до 50 MVA и 145 kV (BIL 650 kV), реакторов с воздушной изоляцией, смоляных и масляных, с магнитным сердечником и без него, от нескольких kVAR до 10 MVAR и трансформаторов с аморфным сердечником от 100kva до 2500kva.

Имеет три производственные площади:

  • Трансформаторы & Сопротивление Смола
  • Трансформаторы & Сопротивление Масло
  • Переработка металла



Cogeneration of heat and energy using waste

  • 31 августа 2021

An important supply for GBE to a state-of-the-art plant in the UK Its ability to guarantee high-quality standards year after year allows GBE to continue to build new partnerships with leading companies in energy distribution and production. In 2020, GBE partnered with one of the UK’s leading suppliers of renewable energy, specialising in building waste-to-energy […]


A hermetic solution par excellence

  • 29 июля 2021

IP56 protection enclosures for applications in particularly challenging environments Cast-resin and dry-type transformers are not suitable for outdoor installation unless they are placed inside a protective enclosure which can be made of pickled or galvanised sheet metal (even aluminium), and according to the degree of protection required. In particularly humid environments or those with highly […]


GBE House Organ / 2021 Edition

  • 4 мая 2021

  The new edition of GBE House Organ is finally online. To discover the latest updates in the technical field, the goals achieved despite the challenges of a particularly difficult year, the most relevant supplies of 2020 and the collaborations with major partners for significant projects, we invite you to download the GBE House Organ […]



26 OTT

Key Energy 2021 — Rimini

  Key Energy is an international exhibition and conference showcasing technologies, services and integrated solutions that promote and accelerate the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy — the main aim of the Green Deal, the strategic plan for sustainable growth launched by the European Union. • Renewable energy (wind, solar & storage, hydrogen, hydroelectric) • Storage […]

03 NOV

Key Energy 2020 — Rimini

  Key Energy is Europe’s comprehensive event comprising renewable energy, energy storage systems, energy efficiency, urban regeneration, sustainable mobility, lighting and smart grids. Key Energy is not only a showcase, but also an opportunity for energy professionals to meet and share their knowledge with the sector’s key players, as well as benefit from updates and […]

22 SET

Hydromatters 4.0 / 7th Edition — Padua

  GBE S.p.A. invites you to the 7th Edition of Hydromatters 4.0, the annual event about technologies and experiences in electrical power systems within the energy transition revolution. GBE participates to the conference as speaker with Reactors for the Power Quality in the industrial grids: applications and types for every installation To learn more and […]

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