ISO 45001 Certification




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ISO 45001 Certification

Workplace health and safety: the personnel are the primary wealth for GBE

GBE has integrated its IMS system with ISO 45001 certification to ensure safe and healthy workplaces and prevent work-related injuries and illnesses.

For many years, GBE has been in possession of ISO 9001 certification related to product quality and ISO 14001 certification for the protection and respect of the environment. Now ISO 45001 certification, just as important, is the tangible demonstration of a 360° sensitivity towards employees. The personnel of GBE are the primary wealth for the company and must be the main reason for further structural and organisational improvement.

The integrated system now includes all kinds of recommendations for the elimination of hazards and for the reduction of risks in the production process to the minimum, but not limited to that. It also includes:

a) continuous improvement of safety performance;

b) the fulfilment of legal requirements and other related requirements;

c) the achievement of the objectives for workplace safety.

The ISO 45001 certification is not a company investment to improve its market position or to ensure a greater margin on sales, but represents a demonstration of the respect and affection that is felt towards all the people who guarantee the existence of the company.


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