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GBE Steelwork Facility already in full operation

  • 29 Outubro 2014

  Operative since the beginning of the year, it lets GBE manufacture high quality special products GBE always strive for quality and flexibility  to assist our customers with specific requests. In order to achieve this the group have invested in a third plant dedicated to steelworks. The Steelwork plant has been running since the beginning […]


GBE has become a qualified supplier for the Italian Railway Network

  • 10 Outubro 2014

On the 21st of October 2014 GBE has successfully achieved suitability to supply power transformers to RFI, the Infrastructure Manager for Ferrovie dello stato, the biggest Italian railway company   GBE has succeeded again! We are now qualified to be able to supply Power transformers for the Italian Railway network, Thanks to a brilliant outcome […]


EU: the new 2009/125/CE directive on ECODESIGN transformers

  • 17 Julho 2014

  The aim is to reduce losses and gain in efficiency. GBE are ready, thanks to their high ECODESIGN transformers production.   The global commitment for energy efficiency and emissions reduction keeps moving on. The newest European Union Legislation 548/2014 sets the new standards about ecodesign, imposing a drastic reduction on losses of new transformers launched on […]



  • 5 Junho 2014

    GBE introduce at SMM Hamburg their transformers line for marine installation on board and on shore and off-shore platforms.   Electrical plants and water clash against each other, this is obvious. And yet, it is right in the sea that we find the most significant and important installations, for the technical challenge they […]


GBE cast resin transformers: C4 certification is here (-60°C)

  • 15 Abril 2014

  It is now proven by a test laboratory on a GBE 2000kVA 24kV insulation class transformer that GBE manufacture transformers suitable for working, transport and storage at temperatures as low as -60°C Yet another GBE stunning technical performance, C4 certification according to GOST-R 54827-2011 standards, proving a perfect reliability of their transformers even at […]



  • 12 Março 2014

  GBE Power – GBE has recently supplied CAST RESIN transformers for a pilot project where the transformers are installed in the very city centre of a metropolis: 12500kVA 35kV(BIL190) ±4×1.5% OLTC / 6.3-0.4kV The transformers are designed and manufactured to guarantee very low noise level and the smallest dimensions.



  • 9 Fevereiro 2014

GBE POWER – GBE supplied a consistent number of power transformers last year. Please see below some of the most interesting units supplied:   power: 20000kVA with ±4×2.5% OLTC PRIMARY VOLTAGE: 112kV BIL550 SECONDARY VOLTAGE: 6.6kV BIL60 TYPE: ONAN DESTINATION: BALTIC COUNTRIES POWER: 8000kVA PRIMARY VOLTAGE: 33kV BIL170 SECODNARY VOLTAGE: 6.3KV BIL60 TYPE: ONAN DESTINATION: […]



  • 15 Janeiro 2014

Now available online and in hardcopies the New GBE catalogues entirely dedicated to cast resin, dry type and oil filled Reactors. In this catalogue you will find an introduction to different types of applications of the reactors manufactured  by GBE. The catalogues are available in Italian, English and German. Contact us for more details!



Transformers and Reactors for marine applications

  • 24 Junho 2020

Offshore and onshore, an exclusive product for all types of marine installations Transformers and reactors for marine applications are distinguished in two different types of installations: offshore and onshore. For each of these installations, additional distinctions can be made depending on the application and use. GBE develops these exclusive products in cast resin, dry type […]


A look at the past to define the future

  • 28 Maio 2020

  GBE celebrates 20 years of business. We have achieved excellent results thus far, but we’re not done yet. There are numerous projects currently under way – not only in terms of the production process, with new investments especially in the power division – but also in regards to certifications in new markets where specific […]


Power division: continuous investment

  • 28 Maio 2020

  Tripled production capacity for power transformers     GBE produces air-insulated, cast resin and oil-filled, special and distribution transformers and reactors. In recent years we’ve increased the number of units produced for each type of transformer and reactor, as well as the average power, following an increase in orders for the power division, which is steadily […]

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