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  • 3 Dezembro 2011

More than 60% of our manufacturing range is concentrated on special application and customized solutions.  GBE S.p.A. and their special cast resin transformers Department  have recently supplied   No. 2 cast resin transformers 1000 kVA in insulating class  36 kV with onload tap changer OLTC. The mentioned transformers have been equipped with appositely designed and manufactured […]



Beauty and reliability

  • 27 Maio 2020

  Prestigious and functional buildings in the most beautiful cities in the World GBE’s market knows no boundaries: we sell worldwide. We produce special transformers for every type of application, without neglecting standard distribution transformers. The quality and reliability of our product sets us apart from our competitors, and our clients reward us by choosing […]


Renewable energy: not just wind and solar

  • 27 Maio 2020

  Efficient and affordable storage solutions applying conventional principles of gravity and potential energy In the absence of more efficient and less costly storage solutions, the amount of electricity that can be fed to the grid by renewable energy sources, even at much more appealing prices than today, continues to be limited. Historically speaking, renewable […]


Trasformatori e Reattori per applicazione marina

  • 27 Maio 2020

Offshore e onshore, un prodotto esclusivo per ogni tipo di installazione marina I trasformatori e reattori per applicazione marina si differenziano in due tipologie di installazione: offshore e onshore. Per ognuna di queste installazioni si possono fare ulteriori distinzioni in base all’applicazione e all’utilizzo. GBE realizza questi prodotti esclusivi sia a secco, che isolati in […]

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