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Quay transformers: Shore-to-Ship




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Quay transformers: Shore-to-Ship

Respect for the port environment, therefore, reduction of consumption, pollution and noise

The regulations in port areas increasingly call for a reduction in the air and noise pollution produced by the ships moored in ports. This requirement is met by using ground power instead of on-board generation during mooring. The shore-to-ship power solution therefore allows a cleaner environment not only for passengers and crew but also for port workers and local residents, because it reduces gas emissions, noise and, of no less importance, vibrations. Specifically, this is guaranteed by entire compact sub-sections inserted in easy-to-handle containers to be placed in port areas adjacent to the ships.

For many years, GBE has specialised in the production of quay transformers that can be of cast-resin, dry-type or oil-immersed type. The main characteristic of these transformers is that they must respect specific footprint sizes while still ensuring correct operation within containers. In addition, for some specific applications, transformers can be characterised by multiple output voltages and 50 and 60 Hz frequency operation. The shore-to-ship container solution is optimal precisely because it achieves maximum adaptability to different needs that otherwise could not be guaranteed. In fact, each ship has a specific power voltage just like each port area has its own voltage and network frequency.

Recently, GBE was involved in the supply of eight 4000 kVA, 20/0.69 kV transformers with an AFWF ventilation system that were installed in a port in Denmark.  The epoxy resin insulated transformers have fully satisfied the expected performance while maintaining small sizes and very low weights. The air-water exchange system is contained inside a unit located at the base of the transformer. Routine and type tests were carried out in the presence of the end customer. The temperature-rise test was carried out by means of a hydraulic circuit complete with pumps and tanks for the timely control of the temperature and water flow within the exchangers.


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