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Dry Type Transformers and Reactors Class ≤ 1.1 kV




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Dry Type Transformers and Reactors Class ≤ 1.1 kV

Cold-rolled grain-oriented (CRGO) cores: high efficiency, low consumption

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, GBE relaunches the range of air-insulated low-voltage transformers and reactors with rectangular and circular cross-section for higher voltages. The proposed product is directed to the low-voltage distribution market with an eye for special applications, specific operating class in the converter field and for any type of installation: marine, offshore and onshore, mining, wind-power and more.

Unlike what has been offered in recent years and, above all, differently from the competitors, GBE S.p.A. proposes an exclusive product with losses on the electromagnetic core of the transformers two to three times lower than what is available on the market. GBE seeks to meet the demands of its customers with greater sensitivity to energy saving and adopts criteria similar to the ECO Directive (EN 50588-1) limited to transformers with at least one coil in class bigger than 1.1 kV.

The cores of the low-voltage transformers are made with low losses cold-rolled grain-oriented (CRGO) magnetic sheet and cut at 45° in “step-lap” mode. The structural carpentry is galvanised with clamping directly on the columns of the core. The coils are made with copper and/or aluminium conductor and insulating material in class F or H. Every product in the entire range is impregnated in vacuum autoclave with class H polyester resin that provides mechanical robustness, incredible silence during operation and, above all, maximum resistance to moisture and pollution. The transformers and reactors can be equipped with profiles for ground anchoring or trucks complete with orthogonally revolving wheels. Should a specific IP be guaranteed, GBE proposes a new series of self-supporting panels protection boxes made of pickled or galvanised sheet metal, depending on the type of installation. Painting is guaranteed with high-strength polyester epoxy paints for installation even in the most aggressive environments.


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