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A look at the past to define the future




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GBE celebrates 20 years of business. We have achieved excellent results thus far, but we’re not done yet. There are numerous projects currently under way – not only in terms of the production process, with new investments especially in the power division – but also in regards to certifications in new markets where specific product component qualification is required. GBE brand promotion activities are continuous and directed toward new, increasingly faraway countries. Spurred on by the excellent results achieved thus far, it couldn’t be any other way. We are flattered by the encouragement and support we have received from our distributors, agents and clients. One can’t look toward the future without thinking about the past. GBE SpA first opened its doors on 22nd May 2000 with 16 employees and 3 founding partners. The first office consisted in 3 rooms with 1800m² of production space. Today there are more than 170 employees, 5 plants located in three different countries – and not just in Europe -, and a production area covering a total of 20,000 m² with more functional and stylish offices.


Transformers and Reactors for marine applications

  • 24 junio 2020

Offshore and onshore, an exclusive product for all types of marine installations Transformers and reactors for marine applications are distinguished in two different types of installations: offshore and onshore. For each of these installations, additional distinctions can be made depending on the application and use. GBE develops these exclusive products in cast resin, dry type […]


Power division: continuous investment

  • 28 mayo 2020

  Tripled production capacity for power transformers     GBE produces air-insulated, cast resin and oil-filled, special and distribution transformers and reactors. In recent years we’ve increased the number of units produced for each type of transformer and reactor, as well as the average power, following an increase in orders for the power division, which is steadily […]


Oil-filled shunt reactor for medium and high voltage grids

  • 28 mayo 2020

  Grid reliability and minimisation of energy losses Shunt reactors are used wherever it is necessary to compensate the capacitive reactive power generated by long and slightly charged transmission lines, as well as by buried cables, thus making it possible to increase the active power and avoid overvoltages. The typical applications are: wind farms, subways, […]

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