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Transformers for Starting High-Efficiency Gas Turbines




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Yes, to renewable energy, but let’s not forget about conventional power stations

There are many developing countries where the demand for energy is growing at an impressive rate. To meet this demand, some of them are investing not just in new renewable energy power plants (e.g. solar, wind and hydroelectric power), but also in conventional gas power plants given the large deposits of underground hydrocarbons and gases. Indeed, the latter allow for greater operating flexibility and shorter implementation times, speeding up the supply of electricity to private homes and industry. All of which is achieved with limited CO2 emissions thanks to the latest technical innovations.

This kind of conventional power plant has allowed GBE to complete numerous supplies in Africa, Asia and Latin America on behalf of the one of the leading European companies specialised in technology for electrical installations. More specifically, the type of product in question consists of a starting gas turbines transformer with a highly accurate load cycle. These specific turbines have an electrical capacity of over 50MW, so significant power, but more surprisingly, an electrical efficiency close to 40%. To achieve these results, turbine technology in the last twenty years has evolved significantly and taken great strides. GBE has always collaborated to the utmost to create prototypes of a transformer that could fit it with these new prerogatives. In particular, GBE has supported this innovation process by creating cast resin transformers with one or two significant secondary voltages, even for installations in places with adverse weather conditions, in which an IP54 protection rating was required for enclosures.

To this end, GBE has obtained TUV certification in recent years for the entire production of protection housing for cast resin transformers from IP23 to IP54. In particular, the IP54 housing is completely sealed, so the transformer can only dispose of any losses through exchange with the side panels. In addition, the transformer must have innovative performance capabilities to guarantee an overtemperature of the windings and core of less than 50°C to avoid compromising the maximum temperature envisaged by the Class F or H insulating material. Unlike conventional housing, it has corrugated panels which result in double the exchange surface in space-saving dimensions. This is another demonstration of the expertise of GBE’s R&D, which is increasingly recognised as an added value giving an edge on the competition.


ATEX: special transformers  

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Installation in hazardous areas with combustible gases and dusts: reference standard IEC 60079 ATEX is the conventional name used to group two European Union directives, which regulate the equipment used in areas at risk of explosion and the health and safety of workers in such areas. The standard is in fact derived from the words […]


An all-new environmental range

  • 17 May 2019

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GBE Australia

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