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Transformers for railway application


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    We have already completed numerous, prestigious installations worldwide

    In all the countries where investments are being made in new transport infrastructures, GBE is the leading the way on the strength of its success as a qualified supplier for the underground systems in Warsaw (Poland), Sofia (Bulgaria), Helsinki (Finland) and Tallinn (Estonia). These are just a few of the projects that we have recently completed for some of the most important public underground transport networks in the world. On the other side of the Atlantic, for example, we recently supplied the Buenos Aires underground with 2750kVA resin transformers for the extension of the E line, a line originally built in 1944 and extended from Bolivar to the Retiro station. The subway is known locally as el subte, a colloquial form derived from the Spanish word “subterráneo”, the public transport network serving the Argentine capital.  The transformers have a primary voltage 13200 V and two secondary voltages 1212 V staggered by 30° to ensure the power supply of 12-pulse converters. The windings are connected in series with the line, i.e. two primaries connected in parallel and two completely separate, secondary windings to minimise any currents circulating between transformer and converter. The primary characteristic of the transformer according to the technical specifications for the component is also class VI load in compliance with the IEC 61378-1 (Convertor Transformers) and EN 50329 (Railway Application) standards. The transformer was subjected to a load cycle of 100% of the nominal current followed by 150% of the nominal current for 2 hours and 300% of the nominal current for 1 minute. The qualification required, in addition to the combination test and all the routine tests, additional type and special tests, such as impulse and noise tests in the presence of our Argentinian partner and the final customer, the Buenos Aires Subterráneo.


    Transformers for measurement

    • 13 July 2018

    GBE also produces special transformers and reactors for measurement and testing laboratories. These products are executed according to customer specifications, guaranteeing a constantly high-performance product with a design geared towards specific operating conditions. There are numerous references of supply to testing rooms (ABB, Marelli, General Electric) and the experience we have acquired has allowed us […]


    Objective 4.0

    • 10 July 2018

    For GBE, Objective 4.0: the fourth industrial revolution With the advent of the so-called fourth industrial revolution, thanks to the diffusion of new digital and non-digital technology, the industry is undergoing a profound transformation of the mechanisms that have produced value, innovation and well-being.  Once again, GBE is not satisfied to just sit back and […]


    The new world

    • 10 July 2018

    Africa: where development is called for, GBE is on hand There are many companies which are producing turnkey systems for Africa, both in densely populated countries, like Nigeria, South Africa and Ethiopia, and in other areas where the abundance of natural resources allows for increasing investment in infrastructures. For many years, GBE has consolidated excellent […]

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