Transformers for measurement




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GBE also produces special transformers and reactors for measurement and testing laboratories. These products are executed according to customer specifications, guaranteeing a constantly high-performance product with a design geared towards specific operating conditions.

There are numerous references of supply to testing rooms (ABB, Marelli, General Electric) and the experience we have acquired has allowed us to guarantee significant power. For example, in 2017, we produced a 4000kVA cast resin transformer according to the Eco Design Tier 2 table with an inrush current of less than 4 In, free from partial discharges, with the possibility of overcharges when carrying out electrical tests on machinery which must be subjected to abrupt operating cycles.

The three cast-resin transformers are also significant with a total equivalent power of 7500kVA produced for the test rooms of a leading manufacturer of air conditioners located in the north of Italy. The transformers have oversized connections, both on the medium-voltage and low-voltage side, to withstand high currents and continuous inrush due to intermittent operation.

And furthermore, we recently acquired an order for a 25MVA transformer for a test room of a Trieste-based company. This oil-filled transformer is decidedly unique in that it allows tests to be carried out at a variable frequency to test high-powered engines. Further details will be provided in the next issue of the GBE newsletter.


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