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GBE SpA has three test rooms subject to regular calibration and checks, and SIT-certified instrumentation, used to offer a laboratory service for checking insulation, making electrical measurements of any type and measuring leakage, even on the customer’s own transformers and machinery. The laboratory service can identify malfunctions and non-conformities in the device under test that would not be found with a visual inspection. Furthermore, the professionalism of the test room personnel and their test and measurement experience mean they can offer constructive measures to remove problems or solutions to improve installation. A full test report is issued after testing.


The GBE Test and Measurement Laboratory can carry out most verification tests at the installation site. This means that correct operation of the transformer connected to the system can be verified safely on site. The following tests can be carried out directly on site:

Visual inspection to check condition
Measure electrical resistance
Check correct operation of protective accessories. Measure insulation resistance
Analyse oil to determine ppm of PCB and PCT and emission following sampling for gas chromatography
Transformation ratio and polarity / vector group
Measure sound pressure in dB(A)
FRA – frequency response analysis – to check the mechanical condition of the core, windings and clamping structure


GBE Spa can provide maintenance throughout Europe and outside the EC. Highly qualified personnel for every type of transformer or reactor, dry or oil, and distribution, special or power.

A range of maintenance procedures can be carried out at the installation site:

  • Replace insulators
  • Replace gaskets
  • Replace accessories
  • Repair tanks of oil transformers in the event of small leaks
  • Install ventilation bars or fan units on cast resin or oil transformers to provide a power increase of up to 40%
  • Any other work that can be carried out at the installation site


In the event of abnormal operation/failure of transformers, GBE SERVICE provides immediate support to verify the problems. Following telephone support or a site inspection by specialist personnel, we can provide a detailed estimate for repair and/or replacement. The transformer repair service is available for any transformer type, even those not made by GBE.


The GBE warehouse stocks transformers for prompt delivery, from 250 kVA up to 1600 kVA at various voltages for immediate delivery or hire. Special multi-voltage transformers or transformers with higher power ratings are also available for emergency situations. The transformer hire and prompt delivery service is intended to ensure that customers can tackle system disruption and guarantee limited down-time. This also shows that GBE is always at the customer’s side, ready to provide full support, even in difficult situations.