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Grain oriented cores (CRGO): high efficiency, low consumption

On its 20th anniversary, GBE relaunches its range of air-insulated low voltage transformers and reactors with rectangular and circular cross-sections for higher powers.

The product offered is intended for the low voltage distribution market, especially for special applications, specific operating classes for converters and all types of installation: marine, offshore and onshore, mining, wind power and more.

Unlike those offered over the past few years, and above all against the trend of competitors, GBE S.p.A. offers an exclusive transformer with electromagnetic core losses that are two to three times lower than available the market.

GBE wants to meet the demands of customers with greater sensitivity to energy saving by adopting criteria similar to those of the Eco Directive (EN 50588-1), limited to transformers with at least one winding in a class higher than 1.1 kV.

The low-voltage transformer cores are made from low-loss grain oriented magnetic laminations (CRGO) cut at 45° with step lap construction. The metalwork is galvanized and is secured directly to the core columns.

The windings are made with copper and/or aluminium conductors and class F or H insulation. Our entire product range uses vacuum impregnation in autoclaves with class H resin, which give our products mechanical strength, low operating noise and above all excellent moisture and pollution resistance.

Moreover, the transformers and reactors can be equipped with profiles for anchoring to the ground, or trolleys complete with swivelling wheels.

If a specific IP must be guaranteed, GBE offers a new range of protective boxes with self-supporting panels made of pickled or galvanized sheet metal, depending on the installation type. High-resistance polyester epoxy coatings ensure compatibility with installation in the most aggressive environments.