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Maximum reliability in testing inverters for solar applications

GBE S.p.A., in collaboration with a renowned Italian partner, has taken part in the design and construction of a highly advanced test laboratory in Northern Europe, used for testing power converters for solar applications.

The project involves the supply of three transformers with totally unique specifications and features.

A first transformer, with a power of 2000 kVA and voltage of 20/0.69 kV, was made using epoxy resin as requested by the customer, and will be used to power the entire test laboratory.

A second transformer of considerable power, 8660 kVA, has been built using impregnated windings with class H coating, for a variable supply voltage from 300V to 1000V and frequency from 45 to 65 Hz. This transformer, considered to be the main one, supplies the converters directly during functional testing. Specifically, the transformer is complete with an IP23 protective casing, forced ventilation system and intermediate separator for maximum optimization and minimum footprint with up to 40% overload. Among its most important features, this transformer uses newly conceived pre-magnetization, which is proprietary to GBE. Unlike conventional premagnetizers, our compact, cost-effective system uses a three-phase resistor and PLC control to limit current in the power stage.

The third transformer has a power of 300 kVA, is impregnated with a class H coating, and is used in the test bench power supply.

All transformers have been produced according to ABB technical specifications and verified in our test room. In particular, the main transformer was subjected to a temperature test with and without the use of forced ventilation.

This partnership is the evident trust in the GBE product and a further confirmation of our great experience in the creation of extremely special products.