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Occupational health and safety: personnel are the primary wealth for GBE

GBE has integrated its IMS system with ISO 45001 certification to ensure safe and healthy workplaces and prevent occupational injuries and illnesses.

For many years, GBE has been ISO 9001 certified in relation to product quality, and ISO 14001 certified in relation to environmental protection and respect. Now ISO 45001 certification, which is just as important, is proof of all-round sensitivity to employees. GBE personnel are the primary wealth for the company, and must be the main reason for any additional structural and organizational improvement.

The integrated system now includes all kinds of recommendations to eliminate hazards and minimize risks in the production process. But it is not limited to that, it also covers:

a) Continuous improvement of safety performance;
b) Fulfilment of legal requirements and other related requirements;
c) Achievement of occupational safety targets.

ISO 45001 certification is not an investment to improve the company’s market position or ensure greater sales margins, but demonstrates its respect and affection for all those who guarantee the company’s existence.