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As set out in Phase 2 of Regulation no. 548/2014, from 1 July 2021, all transformer manufacturers will have to strictly comply by making transformers classified with the term Tier 2, with the exception of specific applications.

For over 10 years, GBE has been using cores made of amorphous material to offer cast-resin and oil transformers with efficiencies well above those set out in the Eco Directive. On other occasions, we have already discussed and described the specifications and features of this product, comparing it to the conventional CRGO material that, even when laser-processed, cannot achieve a fraction of the performance of amorphous material.

Energy saving is an increasingly strategic goal for some operators and countries with greater sensitivity to CO2 emissions. It is not only the need to reduce operating costs or to comply with particular regulations that drives this change, but above all widespread environmental awareness that affords “green” companies a significant competitive advantage in terms of image.

GBE believes in amorphous transformer technology, and is aware that this solution will be increasingly successful in the future. The constructional design adopted is well known as is the equipment used to assemble the transformer in a horizontal position.

No-load losses for cast-resin transformers are in fact up to three times lower than those of an Eco Design transformer, even according to Phase 2.

The initial cost of buying a cast-resin or oil-immersed amorphous transformer is still quite significant, but allows considerable savings after just a few years.

Therefore, the purchase of an amorphous transformer should not be seen as a greater cost but, rather, a sound investment.