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OFWF Transformers and Reactors


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    The versatility of oil makes it suitable for special applications and even compact solutions. It guarantees almost adiabatic systems with limited energy and heat losses in the room where the machine is installed.


    Thanks to the ongoing specialisation pursued by the Research&Developmet Department, GBE manufactures transformers and reactors of Oil Forced Water Forced (OFWF) type. This type of transformer or reactor does not feature any heat-dissipating element such as waves or radiators. Hence it features the advantage of a compact layout, reducing not only the overall dimensions, but also the weight. This system can be used for both distribution and power transformers. The tank of the electrical machine is in fact equipped with an oil/water heat exchanger that can be either with plate or tube bundle fitted outside of the same. The heat exchanger, connected to a hydraulic circuit within which circulates the cooling water, ensures that the oil contained inside the casing is kept at a normalized temperature for the correct operation of the machine. The heat exchanger is also equipped with a pump that enables forced circulation of the oil. These types of machines are used in places where it is not convenient and practical to dissipate heat in conventional ways within the room. This OFWF cooling solution proposed by GBE, is used very often in marine environments, inside buildings and facilities, where there are other machines installed and the heat output is very high.


    Supply of transformers to Algeria

    • 2 February 2018

    PUMPING OIL plant built by a leading Italian company in the Oil and Gas industry   GBE SpA has recently completed the supply of 4MVA oil transformers for a prestigious plant for the powering of twin-screw pumps for the Algerian state company. The contract was implemented in collaboration with a major Parma-based company operating in the […]


    Hydromatters 4.0

    • 17 October 2017

    Participation of GBE S.p.A. at the hydroelectric conference in Italy   The prestigious annual conference entitled Hydromatters 4.0. recently took place in Padua. GBE SpA with the speaker Eng. Fabio Cavestro illustrated the constructive design used for transformers and reactors subject to occasional, continuous and severe mechanical vibration. During the seminar two types of installation […]


    Bunds for oil-filled Transformers

    • 10 July 2017

    A flexible, easy-to-use solution designed by GBE Bunds for oil-filled transformers are a new product developed by the GBE steelworks department. For those installations where this bund has not been included, GBE has developed an extremely flexible solution, designed to protect the environment. The oil bund has been developed in pickled and subsequently galvanized metal […]

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